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There’s a reason Salesflare is the most popular CRM ever on both Product Hunt and AppSumo. 

Salesflare is the smarter, modern-day alternative to other CRMs. If you’re tired of manually entering customer data and seeing bad data or duplicates pop up in your CRM, Salesflare might be right for you.

Learn more about what people are saying about Salesflare below.

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4.7/5 stars
100% of reviewers would recommend Salesflare to a friend or a colleague

4.7/5 stars

“Salesflare has made it so that we can track leads for each of the project types that we have then we integrate this information with other programs we use. At every stage of the sales process, we know exactly where the client is in the sales cycle and how far along they are before we think they will make a purchase. It's great!”

-Nate R., Capterra Verified Reviewer

“It's simply and logically laid out. Getting started is easy. I like the distinction they make between a contact and an account. They also pull some information on contacts from their social media which is useful. It allows you to create, track, and close opportunities. The most useful feature for me is to be able to customize the stages of a selling process. One of their strengths is an enthusiastic integration with a wide range of other tools and products that are relevant to selling and prospecting.”

-Capterra Verified Reviewer

“Salesflare has all the most-needed features of a CRM. I especially like how Salesflare goes out and adds social media contact information for my contacts - automatically! The pipeline feature is easy to use and helps me stay organized.”

-John V., Capterra Verified Reviewer

“I've used so many CRMs in the past, and have also looked at lots of others too. I was first attracted to Salesflare by the clean design and ease of use, but then was very impressed with just how powerful it is. It integrates so well with Gmail, that it just became a natural extension of how I work. Also the developers have been offering great support too. I highly recommend Salesflare.”

-Peter C., Product Hunt Reviewer

“Salesflare will kill Pipedrive. Promise. If you want to stop keeping everything manually, get this.”

-Sampath S., Product Hunt Reviewer

“I have been using Salesflare for a couple of months now and I just love how easy it is. I'm especially a fan of their Gmail plugin since I spend a big part of my day in my inbox. Furthermore, I like the whole automation part. I'm used to keeping my CRM up to date manually. Now Salesflare does this for me!”

-Thomas D., Product Hunt Reviewer

Quick overview of the main features

Is Salesflare right for you?

Are you…

- part of a small business?

- looking to automate, organize and streamline your sales process?

 - interested in integrating your CRM with your emails?

 - trying to collaborate with your team effectively?

 - wanting to spend more time on building relationships with customers and less time on manual data entry?

Then Salesflare might be right for you! Start your free trial and see for yourself.

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“Just get the trial. The first 30 seconds won me over, it’s SO EASY. ”

Sloane Earl

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Organize: Get a CRM that puts you in control

  • Everything in one place - address book, communication timeline, tasks, files, pipelines and more
  • Visual pipeline - a clear, customizable view of your sales funnel
  • Tasks & task suggestions - never drop the ball on a lead again
  • Team sharing - collaborate with your team flawlessly
  • Custom fields - keep track of all of the customer data you can imagine
  • Search - find everything you need instantly
  • Live notifications - get up-to-date notifications whenever, wherever, on any device
  • Insights dashboard - master the numbers

Communicate: Never miss a beat with your customers again

  • Email and web tracking - get the full picture of how leads and customers are interacting with your company
  • Relationships - easily see who your colleagues already know - and who they know best
  • Lead scoring/hotness alerts - identify and prioritize your leads with hotness alerts
  • Bulk emails - send personalized follow-up emails at scale

Automate: Do less robot work, have more human interaction

  • Automated address book - fully automate your contact and company info - stop manual entry of contact and company data
  • Automated timelines - your timelines are synced with your email, calendar meetings and phone call history
  • Automated file repository - keep handy document folders for your customers effortlessly
  • Timeline with Twitter updates - always have the latest news on your customers handy through their social profiles
  • Send automated emails based on triggers - automate your email follow-up based on triggers that you can directly set up in the CRM

Integrate: Let this CRM give you superpowers

  • Email sidebars for Gmail & Outlook - use Salesflare without leaving your email inbox
  • Mobile app for iPhone & Android - finally, a CRM app that offers full functionality from your phone
  • REST API - it’s simple: Salesflare’s API can be connected to any other app
  • 1000+ integrations - Salesflare offers native integrations and access to 1,000+ app integrations through Zapier, PieSync and Blendr as well as natively

“It is easy to use, easy to customize, and accomplishes EXACTLY what I need it to...I can easily send an email campaign to my contacts. And the email program in Salesflare is AWESOME, you can customize your emails with contact names or business names. You can then track your emails.” 

-Cal T., G2 Crowd Verified Reviewer


“Salesflare is integrated with your e-mail, phone, social networks and automatically extracts contacts from them, to create new accounts. I like its automatic data entry function. Entering data manually is something that always irritated me before. Salesflare - easy to use, combines all information, provides support for cooperation with the team. And now all members of the team can observe the entire production process.”

-Miquel C., G2 Crowd Verified Reviewer

"Salesflare is the perfect mix for a Sales CRM. Lead activity and email/meeting tracking are simple. The UI is simple and the functionality is just enough for our needs. The best benefit is the team sync with Gmail and Google Calendar, which makes identifying communication activity with clients simple for anyone on or joining an account.”

-Colin L., G2 Crowd Verified Reviewer

Integration into various communication channels makes it easy to keep track of all communications with your customers. I also like the integration of attachments. The user interface is simple and understandable compared to other services. I would say that Salesflare is saving time and effort. The best advantage is an easy way to understand the indicators and the ability to customize the statistics panel. Our team would be lost without Salesflare.”

-Thomas C., GetApp Reviewer

“The tape that holds my connections together. There is no shortage of CRM options, but, Salesflare stands head and shoulders above the others. 'It Just Works,' so that I don't have to. Seriously, their syncing ability saves me hours a week. Salesflare is a monster powerhouse underneath. The short of it: This is the final resting place for my contacts.”

-Jonathan D., GetApp Reviewer

“Salesflare is full-featured and easy to use. One of its key features is that it does the work for you. Between Salesflare and a couple of Zapier integrations, I can spend my time communicating with clients and potential clients, not entering their info in my CRM system. I like that it has a very visual interface, which makes it easy for me to see and track communications with clients and potential clients. I also like that it is easy to customize. Customer support has been great. They consistently reply to support requests quickly, with accurate answers that actually resolve my problem!”

-Don D., GetApp Reviewer

4.5/5 stars

4.4/5 stars

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